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Stay Ahead of expensive repair and emergency replacement costs with an inspection from Ontario’s best HVAC experts! During your inspection, your technician is going to be ready to determine the required furnace repairs or set you up with a briefing for a replacement furnace installation.

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Complete Solution to Your Furnace Problems

During an initial consultation, we’ll sit down with you and discuss your household’s heating needs. From there, we’ll suggest different types of furnaces and explore the pros and cons of every option so that you’ll be able to choose the model that can provide the best performance and greatest efficiency. We’ll then switch out your old furnace with the newer model. With our premier furnace installation services, you’ll expect greater comfort and reliability for years.

Furnace Repair Services in Ontario

Has your furnace stopped working, or is it blowing cold air? Losing heat in the middle of winter isn’t fun, and it can potentially be dangerous to your entire family. When your furnace begins malfunctioning, you’ll need timely furnace repair services to keep your home warm.

Our expert technicians are highly trained to repair and maintain many furnace brands. You’ll be able to rest assured that regardless of your needs, we will provide quality furnace repair services that will have your heat blasting yet again.
When it involves heating your home during the coldest part of the year, you don’t want to trust your furnace repairs to  anyone. Our furnace specialists perform reliable repairs that last (especially when paired with routine maintenance). You can expect to receive furnace repair services that conform to the very best industry standards for any of these common furnace issues:

A lack of heat

Often, the first sign your furnace requires professional attention is when it's not producing heat. Our technicians can inspect your system for malfunctioning thermostats, leaking ducts, and furnace defects.

Pilot light isn't blue

A furnace pilot light should be bluish if all things are working correctly. If the pilot light isn't blue, a significant problem is also present. Pilot lights change to a yellow color when there are ventilation issues. Carbon Monoxide gas isn't dissipating like normal, causing a yellow flame. This is often a health and fire safety issue and should be addressed by professionals immediately.

Unusual and disruptive sounds

Furnaces are never completely silent, but they shouldn’t produce loud noises that are irritating or alarming. If you notice banging, squealing, whistling, scraping, or popping sounds, let our service experts know as soon as possible. The problem could also be as simple as a faulty belt or something as serious as a broken motor.

Unpleasant odors

If you notice your furnace giving off unusual smells suddenly, this might indicate a possible gas leak or a difficulty with accumulated debris. You must seek the help of an expert straight away for gaseous odors because a gas leak is dangerous. Even trapped dust and debris can pose a health hazard, so it should be cleared away by a trained technician as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your furnace has a filter and usually as the filter gets dirty the furnace malfunctions and sometimes doesn’t heat up. In some cases, the furnace gets overheated before warming up your home it shuts off. Contact a specialist and get it inspected.

10-15 years. Depending on the continuous usage and proper maintenance of the furnace.

If you have the right furnace, it should start warming your home within 20 minutes. If there is any strange odor or there is no hot air blowing your furnace probably needs servicing.

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